Want jaw dropping deals on sports gear? Makes sure to head down to your nearest Sport Authority before the doors close, for good.

Sports Authority is closing down and holding going-out-of-business sales at all of its 450 stores across the country.

The sporting goods retailer declared bankruptcy in March and has been searching for a buyer ever since. Thursday's announcement comes after the latest round of talks between the company and its creditors fell through.

Once the country's biggest sporting goods retailer, Sports Authority got bought up by a hedge fund 10 years ago in a deal that left the company saddled with debt.

Under pressure from Amazon.com and competitors like Dick's Sporting Goods, and unable to make payments to its creditors, Sports Authority is finally throwing in the towel and calling it quits.

Whether it's RadioShack, American Apparel (which filed for bankruptcy in October 2015), Kohl's, Sears or Macy's, all of which are set to close stores this year, it's never a happy day when retailers have to shut their doors.

But going-out-of-business sales are a great opportunity to get awesome deals as retailers liquidate their inventory.

A quick scan of Sports Authority's website can turn up lots of great deals on fitness gear, sporting goods, clothes and camping supplies, but the site's clunky and not very appealing.

With a website that frankly looks and feels outdated, it's not hard to see why Sports Authority lost ground to Amazon.com and Dick's Sporting Goods, which has already started poaching Sports Authority's customers.

Members of Sports Authority's loyalty program can now get a $20 bonus when they sign up for a Dick's Sporting Goods membership card.

Our web search for coupons has turned up 50% discounts on lots of items at Sports Authority. There are plenty of other deals like 30% off bikes, $60 off golf bags, and a 50% sale on select golf equipment and cleats, $10 off Under Armor shoes, the list goes on.

Many of these expire by Sunday (May 22, 2016). But with Sports Authority getting rid of its entire inventory, chances are new deals will take their place and you'll save even if you don't make it to a store before then.

A few users have reported problems trying to redeem deals through the company's website, so it's probably better to take advantage of deals in one of Sports Authority's brick-and-mortar location. You can find the one closest to you using the store locator on the company's website.

And it's not just sporting goods and camping gear that are now on sale at Sports Authority. The company is even selling off its furniture and fixtures. Need some racks, shelves or maybe a couch?

Everything must go means everything must go. If you can negotiate a price and carry it out the door, it could be yours, just don't try to buy the cash registers yet.

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