The last full week of November is rolling by with mortgage rates almost identical to a year earlier, only with significant changes regarding 1-year adjustable-rate mortgages. Meanwhile, the average loan size is increasing, meaning that people are purchasing more expensive homes.

Here is a brief summary of the main changes in mortgage rates between last week and this week as well as the difference when compared to a year ago.

30-year fixed-rate mortgages decreased slightly to 3.95% this week compared to 3.97% a week earlier. According to Freddie Mac, last year rates were very similar to this week, at 3.97%.

15-year fixed-rate mortgages remained at 3.18% as they were last week. In November 2014 at this time, 15-year rates were almost identical, at 3.17%.

5-year adjustable-rate mortgages rose slightly from 2.98% one week ago to 3.01% this week. These rates were exactly the same a year ago, at 3.01%.

1-year adjustable-rate mortgages dropped from 2.64% last week to 2.59% this week. This is the only rate that is currently higher than a year ago, when 1-year rates were at 2.44%.

Despite mortgage rates remaining similar to those we witnessed at this time of year in 2014, they still remain relatively high, and mortgage applications dropped 3.2% on the week ending November 20, 2015, compared to a week earlier.

Meanwhile, according to data from the MBA Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey, the average loan size for purchase applications last week reached a survey high of $303,600, compared to $301,200 a week earlier, meaning that although less people are applying for mortgages, those who do are paying higher average prices for their homes.

This same survey recorded a minimal increase in the refinance and adjustable-rate share of mortgage activity. The refinance share rose from 58.6% two weeks ago to 58.7% while the adjustable-rate mortgage share of activity increased from 6.3% to 6.4% of all mortgage applications.

However, the FHA and VA share of all applications dropped, with the FHA share of applications decreasing from 14.4% two weeks ago to 13.7% last week, and the VA share of applications plummeting to 11% last week compared to 11.7% a week earlier. The USDA share of total applications remained at 0.7% for the fourth week in a row.

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