Have you always been a little bit envious of the lifestyles of the rich and famous? The sky is definitely a place where the demarcation between the elite and everyone else is pretty obvious. Those with status have traditionally sipped champagne and enjoyed luxurious accommodations on private jets when they're out and about traveling the world. Ordinary travelers have learned to deal with the hassles that go along with flying with the general public on commercial flights. However, the tide may be turning now that Delta has announced that Delta SkyMiles members can actually use Delta SkyMiles to book Delta private jets.

The Skinny On Booking A Private Jet With Delta

If a First Class seat no longer satisfies your desire for comfort and luxury, it may be time for the ultimate upgrade of flying on a private jet. Delta's new policy, which took effect on Oct. 25, is still in somewhat of an experimental phase at this point.

Members who have accumulated 2.5 million miles can trade them in for a $25,000 Jet Card. While 2.5 million miles may seem like a lofty goal to achieve, Delta already has thousands of members who are near or at that number. SkyMiles members are permitted to utilize the Jet Card to purchase tickets for both business travel and personal travel.

The Perks Of Using A Private Jet

Image source: Delta Private Jets

The option to fly on a private jet may seem a bit decadent for the average traveler. However, Delta is betting on the fact that many people are interested in getting a taste of the good life. Delta has a fleet of 70 private jets that can be used by members of its SkyMiles program.

The biggest perk of qualifying for a Jet Card is the option to travel how and when you want to. This is a big travel benefit for those looking to have more control over how they travel and avoid the common hassles of commercial flights.

Travelers who qualify to use Delta's private jets can fly alone or travel with as many people as there are seats on the jets they've booked. Business travelers who routinely entertain clients should certainly be interested in the possibility of gaining access to Delta's fleet of private jets. It should also be noted that the jet program is scheduled to include all of the roughly 5,000 airports that Delta serves.

A Unique Step for Delta

Delta seems to be posturing to become a name that's associated with luxury. In a world that's filled with rock-bottom airfare rates for those willing to forgo most comforts while in the air, this is undeniably a bold move. The reality is that most people looking for the cheapest seats possible will go with any discount carrier that can deliver.

What Delta is doing is important because the airline is showing that it is committed to delivering memorable experiences and exclusive perks to members of its loyalty program. Finding a way to win over elite travelers may be the perfect plan for keeping a meaningful share of the airline market.