Rewards cards are my preferred type of credit cards- especially cash back cards, because when you use them, you are essentially saving money, since you receive a certain percent of cash back in return for your purchases. The good thing about these cards is that by making your daily purchases with the card, you're able to accumulate quite a lot in cash rewards over time.

Out of all the cash back credit cards I've seen, my favorite cards are those that offer 5% bonus cash back in categories that rotate every quarter, as these are the cards with which you can save the most money when making your purchases and which offer a wider variety of purchases that will earn you these additional rewards.

Many times the categories in which you will earn 5% cash back are season-specific, such as travel during summer when most people go on holiday, or online shopping during the last quarter when many people are trying to buy gifts for their loved ones. This selection of quarterly categories can also make your shopping experience more exciting by giving you new shopping ideas since you'll essentially be saving 5% of everything you purchase in the category of the current quarter.

Most cards require you to enroll for free each quarter so that you can take advantage of this 5% cash back promotion. Other cards, however, may not require enrollment, so you should always make sure you know the terms of the rewards program your credit card has so that you can earn as much cash back as possible and don't end up with any unpleasant surprises.

Another important thing to take into account is that some of these credit cards have a cap on the amount you can earn through the 5% cash back in the rotating categories they offer each quarter.

Here one of our best rated credit cards offering 5% cash back reward programs.