If you are thinking of purchasing a car, it's a smart idea to check into auto insurance premiums beforehand. The type of car you purchase can have a big impact on your auto insurance rates. Which types of cars have higher insurance premiums? I'll show you which vehicles can help keep your premiums low so that you can choose your next vehicle wisely.

There is a general rule of thumb when it comes to vehicles and insurance: the more expensive your vehicle is, the more it will cost to insure it. However, the price of your vehicle is not the only thing that is taken into consideration, safer vehicles are also cheaper to insure. Accident statistics are one of the main factors that help determine the auto insurance rates of a certain vehicle model. Generally, expensive vehicles with big engines are driven faster than other vehicles and are more prone to get involved in accidents. On the flip side, crossovers and SUVs are generally driven by parents who ride with their families - this makes them drive safer, slower, and therefore get involved in fewer accidents.

Not surprisingly, in 2013, the kind of vehicles with the lowest auto insurance premiums were SUVs and crossovers. Many people erroneously think that SUVs are expensive vehicles to insure, but since most of the drivers are parents who drive carefully, this type of vehicle is involved in fewer accidents. Some of the cheapest brands to insure are Ford, Jeep, Subaru and Kia. The least expensive vehicle model in 2013 was the Ford Edge SE with an average annual insurance premium of $1,148.

Vehicles that are statistically subject to a higher rate of theft are also more expensive to insure - and most expensive vehicles are a more tempting target for thieves. However, theft is not only calculated by the type of vehicle - the area you live in is also taken into account. If you live in a high crime rate city or neighborhood, your premiums are likely to be affected.

Is it cheaper to insure a used vehicle? Well, that would depend on the type of vehicle, on its age, and on its safety features. A used car will generally be a cheaper vehicle to purchase vs a new car - unless you're going for a classic. If the used vehicle is inexpensive and includes important safety features, then you could save a lot of money on your auto insurance rates! If you purchase a very old vehicle that is not worth much, you can save on insurance by dropping comprehensive coverage altogether.

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Here are 6 of the vehicles that were the least expensive to insure in 2013:

Ford Edge SE

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
Subaru Outback 2.5l Premium
Kia Sportage
Jeep Patriot Sport
Chevrolet Express 1500

As for the most expensive vehicles to insure, Mercedes-Benz takes the cake. The top 8 vehicles with the highest insurance rates are all Mercedes-Benz models. The most expensive vehicle to insure in 2013 was the Mercedes-Benz CL600 with an average annual premium of $3,357!

To sum it up, cheaper vehicles generally are cheaper to insure. However, safety is also one of the most important factors, so a vehicle with a lot of safety features will also keep your premiums low. There are so many factors that determine auto insurance rates and these are just some of them. So before purchasing auto insurance make sure to research and plan ahead.

According to industry experts, only 1 out of 5 buyers will research insurance rates before purchasing a vehicle - this can lead to unnecessarily high premiums. That is why it is so important to shop around to compare rates. Different insurance companies have different deals and many of them offer very good auto insurance rates with discounts to new users.

Sure, it's tough work to spend hours scanning the internet in search for that great deal. We've thought of that - and we've done the work for you! Compare insurance rates in a click right here. Or just choose your state in the box below to find the best car insurance in your area!

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