One of the most common types of vehicle damage is windshield repair. It's something that has probably happened to most of us at least once. If you feel like this type of damage is likely to happen to you, or if you live in an area where due to the state of the roads this is a high probability, then you should look for an auto insurance policy that specifically covers windshield repair (and other types of glass replacement). I'll show you how to get an auto insurance with this specific type of coverage and explain how to file a claim in the event of windshield damage.

You will need to have comprehensive insurance in order to have a chance of windshield repair coverage. The reason that this type of damage is covered with comprehensive insurance is because it is a non-collision type of damage and therefore considered an accidental incident. Now, not all comprehensive insurance policies cover windshield replacement or repair. You have to check if the policy specifically states 'glass replacement'. And, even when it does say 'glass replacement', sometimes this only refers to your vehicle's side and back windows. To make sure that your windshields are covered by your car insurance policy, you must ask your agent if this is specifically covered (or read the fine print). If you don't have auto insurance, or are planning to shift to another insurance company, make sure to ask if this type of repair and replacement is included in your comprehensive insurance.

If an accident does occur, and that pesky pebble lands on your windshield causing damages, you may want to file a claim to get it repaired. However, in some cases it may be a better idea to cover the costs yourself. For example, if you have a deductible, you should compare the cost of repair or replacement to your deductible amount. If the repair or replacement cost is less than your deductible, then it's not worth wasting time on a claim since you will have to pay for it yourself anyways. If the repair amount exceeds your deductible, then you should see how much it exceeds it to figure out if filing a claim is worth it. Most auto insurance companies shouldn't raise your rates because of a windshield repair or replacement claim. However, keep in mind that each time you file a claim it will be added to your insurance record, and the more claims you have, the higher the chances of experiencing a rise in your insurance premiums.

If after calculating the repair or replacement costs, it is in your benefit to file a claim, here's how to do it: if the damage is small, call your insurance company immediately before the crack or chip spreads across the windshield. Small damages can generally be repaired without needing to replace the entire windshield (which will cost your insurance company a lot more). To file a claim for your windshield, you have to proceed in the same way as any other auto insurance claim. Call your insurance provider and provide them with the following information: vehicle specs (year, make and model), date of damage and your insurance policy number. Explain what happened and the extent of the damage, and your insurance provider will be able to handle it from there.

If your current provider does not cover windshield repair and replacement, you may want to compare auto insurance from other providers. In any case, it is always a good idea to shop around periodically to check for deals and discounts that other insurance providers may be offering. To help you find the best auto insurance in your area, we've done the hard work of looking for all the best auto insurance providers and put them in one place so that you can easily compare insurance rates in just a click.

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