Most people are familiar with the impact that a FICO® score has on their lives, and the importance of having a good FICO score. Why is a FICO score so important? Because it affects your life in big ways that include loans, insurance, jobs, and other major parts of your life. I'm going to show you which cards are our best rated credit cards that offer free FICO scores to cardholders.

In the past it was virtually impossible to get your FICO Score without paying for it. But that changed when some credit card issuers began to offer complimentary FICO Score access to cardholders. One of the first major credit card companies to offer this benefit was Barclays, which added FICO Score access as an opt-in perk on some of its credit cards in November, 2013. That same month, Discover Financial Services became the first card issuer to provide a FICO Score on monthly credit card statements.

Barclays has partnered with FICO enabling cardmembers that opt-in to view their FICO score 24/7 on a complimentary basis from their online Barclays account. Discover now lets you track your recent FICO® Credit Scores on monthly statements & online for free in an easy-to-read chart.

Here are our best rated credit cards that let cardmembers view their FICO scores for free along with offering other great benefits and perks.

If you aren't able to get one of these credit cards, you can also access your FICO® score using myFICO Score Watch which costs $14.95 a month (first month $4.95). This service gives you access to your score as well as solid tools to help you manage your credit.

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