Leaving your present car insurer may seem like a time consuming hassle, but sometimes the benefits gained from changing insurer far outweigh any inconvenience caused in the process. There are many reasons for being dissatisfied with your auto insurance which I will explain here in detail, also covering the correct steps for changing insurer if you find yourself in this situation.

The main reasons for customers being dissatisfied with their auto insurers are as follows:

High Premiums

Despite your initial research and shopping around for the best auto insurance rates a year or so ago, your provider has slowly increased costs over time, making your deal no longer desirable, or there are new offers on the market with more benefits than your current arrangement. Make sure you compare a number of auto insurers before making any decisions.

Poor Coverage

Perhaps you've discovered your insurance policy has lots of holes, leaving you with inadequate coverage if you were ever in a serious accident, only covering a minimal amount of damage costs. Perhaps your situation has changed: for example, you want to insure multiple vehicles or people under your policy, and your company does not provide the best coverage or deals in this area.

Claims Chaos

You've had an accident, followed all the procedures to make a claim correctly but are left waiting for weeks before your claim is handled and the money owed to you is paid. To avoid such situations doing some research using insurance forums and consumer publications is always a good idea.

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Negative Customer Service Experience

Poor customer service is always frustrating, especially if you're a loyal customer. If you are treated rudely or incompetently by your company's employees or are finding it hard to even get hold of the customer service team, it may well be time to switch provider.

So you've decided you've had enough of your current provider and want to switch. Here are our top tips on changing insurer, ensuring the smoothest transition possible and saving you time and money.

Changing Insurer

After shopping around for the cheapest auto insurance which best meets your needs, it is very important that your new carrier has approved your application and you have paid your first premium before even thinking about terminating your old policy. When taking out your new policy be sure to set a starting date – the day after your old policy ends is best, there are no advantages in overlapping your insurance, you cannot claim twice on both insurers in the case of an accident during this period. When notifying your old carrier of your decision, follow their instructions on ending your contract, this may involve signing a document but sometimes a phone call is sufficient. If you have any remaining time on your old policy make sure you ask for a return on unused premiums, and if there is a lien on the vehicle then the lienholder must be notified of the insurance change. Depending on whether your new insurer does it for you, notifying your state's motor vehicle agency about the insurance change is also necessary.

Making The Change

Now that you know the top reasons for switching auto insurer it's time to reflect on your own auto insurance policy – do you really have the deal that's best for you? If you're struggling to compare the multitude of auto insurance policies on offer then don't worry – we're here to help. Simply select your state from the box below to find the best auto insurance deals out there, saving you time and money!

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