A personal loan can help you get ahead by providing the money you need for investment, purchases, or to consolidate your debt. If you have excellent credit, personal loans may provide a lower APR than you could get with a credit card. Many personal loan providers offer larger loans than most people could access through their credit card's line of credit.

You will usually get a lower APR and more favorable terms when you offer securities like a home or car as collateral if for some reason you cannot repay the loan. This is called a secured loan. An unsecured loan doesn't require securities, but you will normally pay a much higher APR. A peer-to-peer loan, where private people invest in your loan rather than a finance company, is a nice alternative to traditional loans and can give you more favorable conditions if you have a good history of repaying your debt on time. Here we list some of the leading loan offers in the US to help you find the loan that works for you.

Personal Loan Offers