Most people think of New England villages bursting with orange, yellow and red leaves when they picture a magical fall getaway. However, one of the best ways to enjoy autumn is to get one last blast of sun before it's time to endure the transition into winter. Mexico's resort towns are perfect for that. In fact, they are downright phenomenal.

Mexico's "Pueblos Mágicos" destinations are designated towns that have been selected for their rich heritage, architecture and culinary splendors. The best part about these towns is that they all remain relatively undiscovered. This means that you can enjoy a truly peaceful holiday when you visit one. A total of 111 towns are on the list of official Pueblos Mágicos destinations. Here's a look at the top five you can consider when planning a magical fall getaway to Mexico.

1. Cholula in Puebla

Cholula is beloved by visitors and photographers because this enchanted town has a church on nearly every corner. This destination also boasts ornate, rich architecture. Cholula is home to the former Franciscan convent of San Gabriel. This convent is one of the oldest church structures in the Americas. The Great Pyramid of Cholula attracts visitors seeking ancient ruins. Of course, simply strolling around to enjoy local markets and admire ornate tile work will be enough to make a trip here one of your most enchanted vacations.

2. Bacalar in Quintana Roo

Bacalar is the ultimate Mexican holiday destination if you're seeking a pampered beach getaway. Blue skies, blue water and cabanas with thatched roofs can make this place feel more like a Polynesian resort destination at times. Scuba diving, golfing and sunbathing can be enjoyed in heavy doses here. Visitors can also look forward to Bacalar's seven-shaded lagoon and abundant ecotourism opportunities.

3. San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas

San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas is a wonderland of vibrant architecture, market stalls, cobbled streets and fun exhibits. This town is the definition of a tourist-friendly spot. It blends a bohemian vibe with touches of luxury and history. A pine forest waits to be explored just beyond the borders of this valley town. The yellow San Cristóbal Cathedral is the true heart of this destination.

4. Tecate in Baja California

Tecate is a small city that's located just 40 miles from San Diego and is the home of Mexico's popular Tecate Beer. Visitors go to Tecate for brewery tours and to walk among the succulents and pines peppered throughout this town. Some also go on an adventure touring mysterious caves.

5. Tequila in Jalisco

Tequila's outskirts are lined with endless, rolling fields of blue agave. The town stands at the foot of the Tequila Volcano. Of course, most people are drawn to Tequila because it is the birthplace of the drink that shares its name. The blue agave that grows so abundantly here is actually one of the main ingredients in tequila. There are many distillery tours and tasting rooms there that can be enjoyed by tourists. In addition, you'll find many parks and trails that expose you to natural and breathtaking views of Mexico that few ever get to see.